The Kings’ Pastry

I had just been reading about the French custom of celebrating Epiphany (January 6) with a special pastry called a Galette des Rois, or Pastry of Kings. And then Bill surprised me by bringing one home yesterday from the Petit Pierre Bakery in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.

It’s a disc of buttery pastry filled with marzipan or frangipane. It comes with a little ceramic or plastic charm which is to be hidden in the cake. A paper crown comes with it as well so it is properly royal.

pastry, teacup, ceramic elephant charm
The little ceramic elephant prize that came with our galette

Whoever has the good fortune to come upon the charm — and hopefully the not the bad fortune to break a tooth on it — is the king or queen for the rest of the day. Our charm is the lovely little ceramic elephant you see in the picture.

A very tasty tradition!

A slice of galette des rois and a cup of tea
A slice of Galette des Rois and a cup of tea – a civilized way to wind up the holiday season.