A Pig Surprise

It’s the Chinese Year of the Pig this year, which reminded me of a pig surprise we had on the Stanley side of Hong Kong Island. We were just walking by a park-y sort of an area, kind of a ravine. Just some space between apartment developments.

Bill was walking about 20 feet ahead of me. Just then, I saw a wild boar crossing the sidewalk in front of me. My eyes bugged out.


I managed to get a few shots of the fellow, though they are not very clear.

Wild boar peeks out by a public walkway in Hong Kong
As you can see, this was in a quite civilized area, complete with handrails and hi-viz stair paint.
Wild boar on sidewalk in Hong Kong
Having raised a couple of batches of pigs in my day, I estimate this fellow was about 200lbs. They must survive on garbage and whatever they can find rooting about.

It’s always fun to come across unexpected wildlife in urban settings. Anyway, Happy (Belated) Chinese New Year!

A pig-shaped planter