While tootling along in our rental car in rural France, the most surprising things can happen. It was getting towards dusk and it was time to move the sheep. Why not right down the middle of the road?

This is about half of the flood — I was driving and Bill couldn’t get my phone camera to start filming — which took place in a random village somewhere in the area of Lourdios south of Oloron-Sainte-Marie. The sheep almost seemed like they were going to overwhelm the vehicle. You can hear Bill getting tickled by the way the clever dog let the shepherd’s vehicle do the work.

Goats checking us out
Goats checking us out

Earlier, in another village, we had to stop as a shepherd and his dog brought a herd of goats across the road to their milking barn.

Another time, as we were walking on a public trail in Jurançon just south of Pau, some very inquisitive goats came out of their barn to check us out.

It is really delicious when these things happen, and they don’t seem to be too uncommon. Why should we not have a daily life with random delights like this?

(Notice that neither the sheep nor the goats are polled, that is, have their horns removed. I assume that this is because it is just traditional not to, but perhaps there is an EU regulation regarding the removal of livestock horns. It is against EU law to cut off dog tails, too, and Kebab our Corgi thinks that is as it should be.)